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Vogue on a mission to find the best drama couple!

Finding the perfect TV Drama couple is not easy with so much lethal attractions surrounding us. Vogue Magazine made  their choice and brought us the controversial couple from Homeland in a distinctive pictorial signed by Annie Leibovitz.

The powerful blonde agent personalized by Claire Dames and one of our Ginger friends’ favorite, Damian Lewis as ‘Sergeant Brody’ in a brilliant pictorial inspired by the TV series that made them famous: Homeland.

With her role as a brilliant and bipolar CIA agent, Claire Danes has become the hottest heroine on TV. Here she shows her moves with her Homeland costar,Damian Lewis.

Danes wears no makeup; her hair is casually pulled up, with strands falling here and there. Her skin is pale and luminous, her blue eyes dilated, complex, and present… not our usual image for a TV start, and still a Vogue usual suspect.

She could be describing herself. Raw. Ballsy. An artsy New Yorker. A child of SoHo in the eighties, when it was an artists’ frontier and not a mall, Danes, 34, grew up attending PS3 and dance and artists’ studios, declaring to her family at the age of nine, “ ‘Money or no money, I have to act. There’s no plan B. That’s it.’ So I went to Lee Strasberg and desperately tried to feel the wind!” Her parents were artists themselves—her father a photographer and computer consultant; her mother a textile designer, painter, day-care provider, and for a while her manager. (She has an older brother, Asa, an attorney.) By fourteen, Danes was the teenage voice of a generation’s angst in the now cult-classic My So-Called Life.

All of which is to say that she is not your obvious choice for a “patriot” and CIA recruiting tool. Yet no doubt Danes is inspiring a generation of girls to join the CIA. “When I spent the day at Langley, they were very forthright and said”—she switches to a deep man’s voice—“ ‘You know, we’re always recruiting, and it’s not all that often that we’re rendered in pop culture. We’d like to have some influence on that.’ They were just so direct. It was admirable, actually, kind of ironically transparent.”

The role has dropped her into the halls of American power. At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, she met President Obama. And then, at the Golden Globes, she was summoned to a room to talk to Bill Clinton. “Magnetic,” she says. “A mammoth brain.” It was a whirlwind event.

Our #BlondeSupremacy at it’s best!