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Top Red shades for blondes

From Snow White to Marilyn Monroe women have been fascinated by red lips. Same as blonde hair this gives an image of confidence, she who dares to wear red lipstick welcomes the gamut of assumptions about her character. For centuries, red lips have largely been seen as a stamp of immorality. In more God-fearing medieval times, it was believed that creating a plump, sexualised mouth would earn you a fast-track ticket to hell. Several hundred years later, Parliament passed a law condemning lipstick, considering it a sign of witchcraft. To confuse further our feelings about the cosmetic, there have been large stretches in history that were entire pro-red lippie. The Sumerians invented the stuff (just 200 miles outside Babylon), and Egyptian women fully embraced deepening one’s lip colour, going as far as to make sure they were buried with pots of rouge.

‘Red lipstick is a source of strength,’ says Poppy King, creator ofLipstick Queen. ‘You put it on and suddenly you feel more capable than you did without it.’ So I would say wear it prowdly and be inspired by our selection of iconic blondes. What is your choice?


Orange my Mohito lips

As the sun has kissed your red lips, orange is the color of life for blondes


Pinky, Pinky, Little Star

Play with life and win big, the daring pink shaded blondes


Hot, Sweet & Sexy

Blonde Perfection in so many words


Dark Angel

Powerful, sensual, unmissable.  Dark, deep perfection for blondes


Light Marilyn

Casual, light feeling. It makes you feel special, feel yourself

Be smart, be beautiful, be BLONDE!!!