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Summer Orange Inspiration! Wear it Blondie!

Is Orange your summer inspiration? Not just yet? Well, we are here to help as always.

Help you feel the vibe, forget the rainy days and let orange glow your mind;)


Perfect orange lips

From bright to deep burned, orange has always brought a special spark on a blonde’s face.


Casual city wear

City, smart, free … Enlight your day


Sandy orange days

Day at the beach?! Make it count!


Sweet, sexy inspiration

Some BLONDES are too good to be true

Yes, too perfect exists;)


Energetic, powerful and mind blowing

This is what we all expect from BLONDES, that wow effect;)


Celebrity orange

You like walking like a celebrity? Orange will add to your tricks;)


Hot, blonde, cheerleader

Can you feel the energy?

We certainly can;)


Sexy underline

When you feel sexy is not enough ….try supreme:)

Get inspired and stay beautiful

If we got you going send us your inspirational orange style;)