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Some Great Blonde Jokes

If your like me then your probably sick of people asking if you just had a "Blonde Moment" or telling you another stupid blonde joke which to be frank was probably dumber than the blonde at... Read more

For Those About To Blonde, We Salute You. (But here's a few tips)

Especially in the summer months a lot of people decide to match their hair to accentuate that summer vibe. Some of you might be already familiar with this process and have your color and routine... Read more

The History Of The Most Popular Hair Color, Blonde!

As we look back through time one can’t help but notice that apart from some brief moments in human history there is one group of prominent people that have stayed vigorously in vogue…..... Read more

Top 10 Most Influential Female Blondes

f080e4269c3d95fc88c9992ecb01e285Here is a look at a list we have put together of some of the most influential blonde women. The following list isn't in order as each person is more influential depending on the reader and we... Read more

Outrage as hotel boss demands 'sexy blonde girls in mini skirts'

Age discrimination is a terrible thing, but it must be particularly galling to be an experienced 57-year-old manager at a distinguished London hotel, and then lose your job to an attractive... Read more

Chris Brown goes from blonde back to black

Disappointing news for blonde fans everywhere, as singer Chris Brown has defected from the blonde set and returned to his natural jet-black hair colour. The fiery-tempered ex-boyfriend of... Read more

Lady Gaga losing her blonde hair

Well here's a lesson in haircare for everybody. Lady Gaga, the p-p-poker faced pop princess who's as famous for her crazy outfits and music videos as her bleached blonde hair, is starting to lose... Read more